Man Shoots And Kills Driver Who Struck His Brother With Vehicle


A suspect in Morrow, Georgia, has been arrested after fatally shooting a driver who ran into his brother on Mount Zion Rd.

John Johnson III, 20, was traveling down the road by foot with his brother when a vehicle operated by Antramico Williams, 28, struck him.

Observers told authorities that the brother, Jonathan Johnson, got very upset with Williams and pulled out a firearm and shot him.

When police arrived to the scene, they discovered John Johnson III on the ground in critical condition.

Williams, the driver who struck him, was lying close to him, dead.

Officers stated that the brother, Johnathan, left the location, but they did discover 13 shell casings left at the scene.

When authorities eventually found him, he was apprehended and charged with murder and aggravated assault. His brother is now recovering at a medical facility.

The Williams’ family disclosed that this is the second son that has died by gunfire. Their first one died in 2019.


  1. Aye man i understand why he did it but damn boy thats a tough pill to swallow knowing you about yo basically do life in jail now

  2. Why did the guy run over dude brother was it intentional or an innocent accident?? But anyways condolences to the victim family! But dude was taking up for his brother

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