Man Shoots Former Girlfriend’s New Boyfriend After Being Released From Jail


Authorities in Houston are searching for a man who is said to have shot his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend at an apartment early Friday morning.

The incident occurred on Cambury Drive which is close to the intersection of Spears Road and Ella Boulevard, at about 1 a.m.

Police say that the man had been released from jail about a month ago after being jailed for 7 months for supposedly assaulting the now ex-girlfriend. After being released, the man called the woman numerous times, requesting to know if she was seeing someone else.

Then, early Friday morning, he appeared at the woman’s residence where she had been with her new boyfriend. She had also resided with her three children, ages 16, 6, and 3.

She had opened the door to speak to the man when he busted inside with a pistol and placed the gun to her head. The new boyfriend didn’t want any trouble and tried to leave. However, the man pointed the weapon at him and made him get on the ground. That’s when authorities say the ex-boyfriend shot the new boyfriend several times.

Immediately, the new boyfriend rose and fled the residence. The man trailed behind him and started shooting at him again, striking the new boyfriend again. The assailant then fled the scene as the victim collapsed in the grass.

At the same time, the woman hid in her children’s room and contacted authorities. The victim was transported to a medical facility where he is expected to survive. He was shot in the arms, legs, and clavicle.

Authorities in Houston stated that they are aware who the shooter is, and detectives are actively searching for him. His identity has not been publicly released.

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