Man Taken Into Custody For Fatally Stabbing A Mother Found Dead In Abandoned Lot


Earlier this month, a suspect was taken into custody in relation to the fatal stabbing of a mother in New Orleans.

31-year-old Christopher Wilson was apprehended after his bicycle got a flat tire in Natchitoches, and he had contacted authorities.

When officers answered to the call, they apprehended Wilson for a domestic violence warrant.

Authorities believe that Wilson stabbed Carol Allen with a kitchen knife in her vehicle. Her car had been stationed at an abandoned lot on Old Covington Road and West Pleasant Ridge. Officers say that Allen was a sex worker, and Wilson had met her online.

Police added that Allen had driven to meet Wilson.

“From our investigation, they were communicating via social media and the internet, and apparently, he had located her or found her on an advertising escort site. It advertises for the New Orleans area, but the actual server is housed overseas,” one officer noted.

Allen, a mother from New Orleans, was transported to a medical facility where she was declared deceased.

Wilson has been charged with first- degree murder and armed robbery. Prior to this, he had been imprisoned for an armed robbery. In that case, he had robbed a woman at gunpoint.

Authorities believe that robbery was the motive in this current matter.

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