Man Taken To Jail After Reporting Robbery At His Home


A Florida man was taken in to custody this past Thursday after reporting a burglary in his home.

According to Florida police reports authorities were called out to the home of Anthony Black’s home around 10:30 am because someone was breaking into his home. O

Black,32, was not home during the robbery but was notified by phone that his alarm was going off. He says he notified police and when he arrived he saw a white male running and jumping over the fence to his backyard.

When authorites arrived at the scene they saw the back window  smashed and entered the home to see if there were anymore intruders but what they found was way more.

Authorities say when they entered the home they smelled marijuana and found large quantities just lying around. Police then say the obtained a search warrant where they found more than 38 pounds of marijuana, large amounts of cash and a few guns.

Black was arrested and taken to Broward County jail.

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