Mansfield Toddler Dies After Ingesting Fentanyl Pills, Dad Waited 2 Hours to Call 911


A Mansfield man and his sister were arrested after his 2-year-old daughter ingested fentanyl-laced pills on February 18.

Mansfield Police responded to a residence on Towne Crossing Boulevard for reports of a child who had gone limp. When paramedics arrived, they discovered 2-year-old Navaeh Reed unconscious and immediately transported her to the hospital.

According to an arrest affidavit, the father, Michael Reed, told officers that he woke up from a nap and found his daughter on the floor having trouble breathing.

During a search of the home, syringes and numerous types of drugs were located within five feet of where Navaeh was found. One of the drugs discovered was an M30 pill which tested positive for fentanyl.

Investigators say Michael told his sister, Jamie Popovic, and his roommate not to call the police out of fear of losing rights to his daughter. The father admitted to authorities that he waited 2 hours before calling 911 for help.

During that time, he Googled how to make a child throw up and searched DoorDash for Narcan, which is used to save someone during an overdose.

Navaeh was declared brain-dead 10 days after arriving at the hospital. Her official cause of death is still pending.

Michael Reed is charged with Knowingly Causing Injury to A Child.

His sister Jamie is facing charges of Abandoning and Endangering A Child.

They have both since bonded out of jail.

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