Many Customers Will Lose Water Services If Balances Aren’t Paid


Dallas Water Utilities may begin to halt water services if consumers don’t begin to pay their balances. It estimates that over ten percent of its users are overdue on their payments.

As of now, eleven percent of people are more than sixty days late on their water bill. The utility company has said that these people owe less than three hundred dollars.

The company is requesting that customers pay their late balances by October 1.

On this date, they will start terminating services and issue late fees for unpaid accounts.

At the start of the pandemic, the company waived disconnections and fines related to late fees.

For more information, consumers can look on their August and September water bills and reach out to the company to discuss payment plans.

Additionally, the utility service company is assisting customers in getting in touch with other resources to help make the payments.


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