Mineral Wells Drug Dealer Sentenced To Prison For Life


After an investigation into narcotics trafficking in the spring of 2022, Arthur Cross Jr., of Mineral Wells, Texas, was found to be selling methamphetamine from his home.

In March of 2022, Cross, a four-time convicted felon, started selling methamphetamine to confidential informants, leading to an indictment for delivery of a controlled substance in July of 2022. His past convictions include aggravated robbery, delivery of a controlled substance, sexual assault, and retaliation.

In court earlier this week, confidential informants testified and videos of transactions between them and Cross were shown. In addition to that, Cross testified on his own behalf. After deliberating, a jury sentenced him to life in prison.

“Mr. Cross was a drug dealer in Mineral Wells who was preying on drug addicts and destroying families. The jury heard evidence and took action to remove Mr. Cross from the streets…,” said the assistant DA in Palo Pinto County.

It was noted that Mr. Cross’ criminal history goes back over  for 45 years.

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