Missouri Mother Facing Felony Charges After Accidentally Placing Her Baby Inside Hot Oven And Killing Her


An infant died in Missouri after her mother accidentally placed her in a hot oven instead of her crib.

On Friday authorities responded to a call regarding a suspicious death of an infant near E. 41st Street and Forest Avenue.

Upon arriving they located an unresponsive infant with severe burns on her body. The mother who was later identified as Mariah Thomas told police that she was putting her baby down for a nap and mistakenly placed her in the oven.

On Saturday Thomas was arrested and charged with killing her 1 month old baby. She is facing felony charges including endangering the welfare of a child and death of a child.

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  1. Poor baby, didn’t even get to live long enough to celebrate turning one year old. Mom needs to locked up for a long time. That clearly wasn’t a mistake.

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