Mom Leaves 11 Year Old Daughter Home Alone With No Food While She Goes Out Clubbing


Meara Fischer a resident in some apartments on Bells Ferry Road in Marietta, Georgia says a little girl came knocking on her door around 7pm Saturday night asking for food stating that her mom left to go to the club and said she would be back.
Fischer allowed the girl into her home, fed her and made her feel comfortable. Fischer said it was around 2am and the girl had fallen asleep on the couch and she noticed there was still no sign of the mother, Deborah Ann Oates.
She woke the little girl and took her back to her apartment which was in the same building and discovered that her mother still wasn’t home and the house was disgusting with dog feces, fleas, dirty dishes no air and etc. Fischer said she could not leave the girl there in those conditions so she called the non emergency police line and waited for them to come out.
When authorities arrived they too looked at the apartment in disgust and called Child Protective Services out.
Oates eventually showed up around 3am and was arrested an taken into custody on second degree child cruelty charges and a bond set at $11,220. Oates still remains in custody and the little girl is now in Georgia Division of Child Protective Services.