Mother Charged With Child Neglect After Infant Dies Of Starvation


A woman in Jacksonville, Florida, has been apprehended in relation to a child’s death.

Tania Nicole McGowan, 23, has been charged with child neglect and child abuse after an infant died on Dec. 11.

At around 6:17 p.m., first responders arrived to a residence on Duval Rd. and discovered an infant who was unresponsive. The baby boy was swiftly transported to a medical facility where he was declared deceased.

Although an autopsy hasn’t been completed, the medical examiner did note that the child was malnourished and there were no signs that food had been in his stomach or intestines.

McGowan was no longer at the hospital when authorities arrived, and medical staff stated that the baby had been in an “emaciated” state and was only seven pounds when he died.

When officers searched McGowan’s home, the home was cluttered, there was very little furniture, and only two bottles of baby formula.

McGowan told authorities that she had put the baby to sleep at around 8 p.m. on Dec. 10. When she checked on the baby at 2 a.m., he was cold to the touch and was unconscious.

When talking to an apartment manager, authorities learned about abuse involving the victim and another child in the clubhouse. McGowan had been seen on camera hitting the victim against furniture, placing blankets over the head, and slapping the victim over and over on the head.

When authorities questioned McGowan again, she told them that the victim was her son who used to reside with his father. In October, his father had moved to Texas, and she gained custody. When the child was living, he had never been to a doctor. McGowan said that she knew that he was losing weight but felt that he was growing longer.

As McGowan’s phone was searched, pictures revealed the child going from a healthy weight to being malnourished.

After the findings, McGowan was arrested and charged. Her bail was set at $500,003 for child abuse and $1,000,003 for child neglect.

She will appear in court on Jan.29.

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