Mother Found Guilty of Fabricating Story of Her Children Getting Kidnapped


A California woman was found guilty of lying to police about her children almost getting abducted from a Bay Area shopping center in 2020.

Kathleen Sorensen, 31, was convicted on one count of false report of a crime after police say she fabricated an entire story of a couple trying to kidnap her two kids.

Sorensen went inside a Michael’s Craft store with her kids and purchased a few items. They then exited the store, got in their vehicle, and drove out of the parking lot.

Shortly after, Sorensen phoned 911 and reported that a couple attempted to abduct her children.

The mother did news interviews, posted on her social media, and even went viral with her false story.

The accused woman, later identified as Sadie Martinez, was with her husband at the time of the incident and complied with law enforcement. After a thorough investigation, which included security cam footage of Sorensen’s entire shopping trip, officers determined Sorensen’s accusations to be far-fetched and completely fabricated.

She was found guilty in court on Thursday and arrested with a $100,000 bail. Her next court date is June 14 where she faces up to 6 months in jail.

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  1. Why not get life to many people making these fabricated lies and createing havit in people lifes and this all she gets shame on the justice system not to give these people,10 years in prison you would stop all this lying making up a lie this is a tax payers money that being miss used and it need to stop this men and wife could have lots everything from a lie

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