Mother Found Not Guilty Of Neglect In The Death Of Her 2 Month Old Daughter


A mother in Indianapolis was acquitted after she was said to have neglected her 2-month-old daughter which resulted in her death.

In August 2022, authorities discovered 2-month-old Alona Lacey unresponsive inside of a residence.

Later, in January 2023, the newborn’s mother, Dacia Lacey, was charged in her death.

Prior to issuing a verdict, Judge Mark Stoner stated to the woman that she was not a good parent and was not innocent.

It was the judge’s opinion that she was guilty of involuntary manslaughter. However, since she hadn’t been charged with that offense, he, on the other hand, found her not guilty of neglect resulting in death.

Court documents reveal that the mother provided a confession in which she cried and said that she suffocated her daughter in couch cushions. Lacey stated that it was because she was high on meth and wanted the baby to stop crying so that she could get some rest.

Ultimately, the pathologist could not give a cause or manner of death for Alona. Thus, they were unable to determine if the newborn’s death was a homicide or due to trauma.

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  1. She confessed to murdering her baby and gets to walk away?? People still get thrown in jail over a plant but she gets a pass for murdering her own baby girl?

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