Mother Of 10 Year Old Girl Killed In Crash Says Her Bestfriend Was Driving The Night Her Daughter Was Killed


An investigation is underway after a 10 year old girl and her father were killed in a single car crash over the weekend.

The crash happened on Campbellton Road when the driver of the vehicle lost control of the vehicle and flipped over multiple times.

The driver of the vehicle then exited the vehicle and fled the scene before officers could arrive.

Evelyn Henderson, the mother of 10-year-old Janylya Henderson said her best friend left her daughter and 33 year old boyfriend, Nicholas Jeffries, and Rob Martin to die.

Relatives of Martin said that the driver panicked and fled the scene. “He said all he could hear her say was, ‘I can’t go to jail. I ain’t going to jail, because my baby girl need me.”

At this time the driver has not been identified and is still on the run.


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