Mother Outraged After Teacher Combed Out Daughter’s Loc’s Without Permission

PhotoCredit: WTVM

A mother in Georgia is outraged after her daughter’s teacher combed out her locs without her consent.

4-year-old Londyn’s mother, Micaela Varlack, said that her hairlock experience began in April.

“I went and got her hair washed…it was detangled, conditioned, the locs were started and blow dried,” Varlack expressed.

The mother added that she paid $150 for the hairstyle on April 14. However, three weeks following that, Londyn came out of school with a different hairstyle than the one she had spent her money on.

“On Monday, May 6, I go to pick her up from the daycare. There’s a little child who looks like my child with her hair braided,” the mother stated.

Londyn is enrolled at a pre-kindergarten at Childcare Network in Columbus, Georgia. Her mother says that her daughter’s teacher took out her locs and braided her hair over, without asking for her approval.

“Why would you comb 32 locs out of a child’s hair, to sit down and braid them, part them. You didn’t call me, and her literal response was, ‘I just didn’t.'”

Varlack has noted that due to the removing of the locs and tight braids being a possible reason, she had to transport her daughter to urgent care for potential scalp irritation.

“So here we are and now there is inflammation in the baby’s head. All of this could have been avoided if she had consulted the parent,” one specialist said.

Although Varlack had asked the school to give her back the money that she paid on Londyn’s hair, her request was denied, the mother said.

The school responded through a statement, saying that the child requested that the teacher braid her hair. They added that the workers swiftly offered to pay the family back and have apologized for the incident.

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