North Mesquite Band Director Arrested For Soliciting A Minor Online


A North Mesquite high school band director has been arrested by Dallas police for online solicitation of a minor.
According to reports James Cude,54 had been texting with a detective that he thought was a 13 year old boy and had made plans to meet up with the boy and perform sexual acts.
After a few texts they agreed to meet at a restaurant where police met Cude and arrested him.
Cude was hired last fall as a band director for the high school and has since been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.
Mesquite sent a letter to parents stating that
“Mesquite ISD and the staff of North Mesquite share your surprise and extreme disappointment. Our staff took great care this morning in explaining the situation to all band students. We know our more than 400 studnets must be feeling extremely betrayed, and we are sensitive to the range of emotions they must be experiencing. The band directors and campus administrators as well as our counseling staff are available to help students through this very difficult time.


  1. So in actuality he agreed to have sex with an adult. No minor exists. Crooked! If i agree to a crime but dont commit it can i be charged? Shame on the police. Hope they can sleep at night. Dont bust guilty pedophiles .entrapment is easier.

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