“Only White Candidates” Job Posting Blamed On Disgruntled Ex-Employee


On April 4, a job was posted for a Salesforce business analyst and insurance claim administrator. The name read that it was posted by Arthur Grand Technologies ( Arthur Grand). It read that: “[note] Only Born US Citizens [White] who are local within 60 miles from Dallas, Tx [Don’t share with candidates].”

Now, the technology firm has stated that a disgruntled ex-employee is at fault for the discriminatory job advertisement. The advert had looked for a “white” only worker to team up with clients identified as Berkshire Hathaway and HTC Global.

As of Tuesday night, the advertisement was taken down from Indeed and has been removed from a Glassdoor job posting.

On Wednesday, Arthur Grand announced that they have taken legal action against the ex-employee who made the job posting.

They added that employees are hired after a review of their qualifications.


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