‘Operation Ghost Busted’ Results In Biggest-Ever Indictment In One State’s History


76 people have been identified as defendants in the case of USA v. Alvarez et al, a federal case connected to the “Ghost Face Gangsters” white supremacy criminal street gang. Other popular prison and street gangs were involved, as well.

Authorities say that an investigation not only revealed a huge drug trafficking operation, but it supposedly uncovered several deaths from illegal drugs, too.

On Jan. 11, Attorney David H. Estes stated that the 76 defendants are facing charges relating to drug trafficking conspiracy. This comprised of great amounts of methamphetamine, fentanyl, heroin, and alprazolam, all across southern Georgia.

Reports show that the main conspiracy charges carry a required minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. It also involves fines and a time period of supervised release if a defendant isn’t sentenced to life in prison.

Several federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies had been investigating the drug trafficking operation for the last two years. Officials noted that at least one comprised corrections officer was a participant. That person was paired up with a leader of the conspiracy who is now serving life in prison for murder.

Others involved included people from the Ghost Face Gangsters and Aryan brotherhood. Those are two popular white supremacist gangs, and the Bloods and Gangster Disciples, two popular predominantly Black gangs.

Two out of the 76 defendants that were identified were also charged with distribution of unlawful drugs. This resulted in the overdose deaths of three people.

One car, 43 guns, and over $53,000 in cash were seized by the court. Over three dozen more defendants face prosecution for state charges in the investigation.

In an 118-count, 133-page indictment, the court showed that this may be the biggest case that has ever hit the Southern District of Georgia.


  1. 76 defendents, 118 counts…. Seems to me like they got a lot of pinons mixed in the mix. They just scooped up everyone. SMH. Feds cant ever do they own job, they looking for the next to talk. SMH.


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