Pizzeria Creates Jeffrey Dahmer Themed Pizza


A pizzeria in Lubbock is receiving backlash for creating a Jeffrey Dahmer-themed pizza and putting it on display for customers’ pleasure.

The restaurant, Capital Pizza, says the pizza, which features ramen noodles to look like guts, fake blood, and prop body parts, is not for sale.

According to the manager, the recent Netflix series that showcases the murders by Jeffrey Dahmer is a big hit in their city which is known to be a college town. In light of Halloween and the trend of Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the staff members at the restaurant created the pizza.

Photos of the pizza display went viral and quickly created controversy over what is acceptable and not.

While many customers and fans who come into the shop just for a photo with the pizza think it’s hilarious, many locals and viewers think it’s disgusting.

While the debate continues about whether the prop is cool or whether it is disrespectful, Capital Pizza has no plan on taking it down.

The manager says it will stay up until Halloween and then it will be stored safely for possible future use.


  1. Thats terrible that they making this funny. He actually killed a lot of folks. How can they do a pizza like its some kind of celebration.😢😡

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