Police Investigate As Many As 20 Deaths In Boarding Home Operation


Regla “Su” Becquer is being held in the Tarrant County Jail after being accused of abusing Angelique Estes inside of an unlicensed Arlington, Texas, boarding home. Her bail has been set at $750,000.

Estes reported that she had been kicked, struck, and left laying in her own feces for multiple days before authorities rescued her in December.

“I can’t believe how bad things were,” Estes reported.

Becquer managed multiple unlicensed boarding homes in Mansfield, Arlington, and Grand Prairie. Now, they are the focus of a police investigation in as many as 20 deaths. Two of the deaths were linked to wills that led to Becquer or her relatives receiving the person’s estate.

In one matter, the person’s estate was worth over $300,000, court documents revealed.

Although she has not been charged in relation to any of the deaths, authorities say that they expect more charges against Becquer and may be others.

“These are the perfect victims. Some of them were being physically assaulted. Some of them were being neglected,” stated a Arlington Police spokesperson.

Texas law permits boarding homes to operate without being managed in many instances. Cities and counties can license and expect boarding residences if they have at least three residents.

Cities such as Arlington, Grand Prairie, and Mansfield don’t have ordinances in relation to regulating boarding homes. This is where the Becquer operated her residences.

“Su was about the money,” stated Victor Lister, who used to work for Becquer.

Lister and police records show that he and Becquer no longer worked together after he and a client said that she had stolen the client’s food stamp card.

Lister also said that when a client would pass away, she would hold on to their medications and give them to other clients.

Family members added that Becquer would keep their loved ones away from them. Estes reported that she was made to take a minty-tasting liquid that made her feel unlike herself.

One person reported that Becquer had moved their loved one out of their residence and into one of her boarding homes.

“When Karen was at this home, she didn’t have a private phone. In order to communicate, I had to call Regla’s phone,” he reported. He added that in one call his cousin told him, “I got to get out of here. They’re trying to kill me.”

She passed away in late October 2022. An autopsy determined she died of cardiovascular disease.

In a one-paragraph note, written 19 days prior to her death, it stated, “This is my will. I leave my entire estate to my friend, Regla Su Becquer.”

In the end, Becquer gained the estate, estimated at $331,000.

Authorities have opened a forgery investigation into that will.

In another occurrence, a client had died. However, 3 months prior to that, she had a will written, as well. That awarded her home to Becquer’s mother along with money in a bank account. That death is also now under investigation.

Authorities are looking into several other deaths and allegations that occured at the boarding homes.

Although Becquer was released on a $10,000 back in February, her bond was increased to $750,000. This is because she is known to go back and forth to Cuba on a regular basis.

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