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Pooh Shiesty is Indicted by the Feds, Instagram Pictures Used as Evidence


Lontrell Williams,” Pooh Shiesty,” has been indicted by the feds. This case is related to a shooting and a robbery of two men outside of a hotel. According to the complaint, Williams and two others planned to buy marijuana and luxury sneakers. However, they shot the two men without paying. The feds say that pictures on Instagram were instrumental in bringing forth charges.

Williams, is now in federal custody. The offenses include discharging a firearm during a violent crime, conspiracy and robbery under a law regulating commerce.

21 Year-old Williams had previously been charged and released over the same occurrence. Earlier this month, he was apprehended again on a different offense. This was over the suspected shooting of a security guard at King of Diamonds adult club on Memorial Day. He is facing an aggravated battery charge although the victim has recanted his claim.

There is a detention hearing on July 6.

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