Professor Calls Police On Two College Students For Being Two Minutes Late


Through TikTok creator and college student Bria Blake, we learn about armed police officers being called on two students for being two minutes late to class at Perimeter College at Georgia State University.

Blake named Professor Carissa Gray as the college professor who made the call. Gray requested the two students leave class because of their tardiness. Blake described one student argued “I’m not leaving, I paid to be here”. Gray responded with “Okay” then left the class and returned with police.

“We are looking into this matter and how it was handled by the faculty member.

Campus police arrived after being called by the faculty member and immediately de-escalated the situation between the students and faculty member,” states the university in a statement pertaining to this matter. “Clearly, no crime had been committed so there were no arrests.”

A representative from this university said that policy refers to extreme behavior that may endanger others in the classroom. Calling the campus police over tardiness or other disrespectful behavior, the representative said, is not typical of university faculty.

Blake reported, both students, Taylor and Kamryn were “terrified of what could happen to them” when Gray called the police, given the history of police being weaponized against Black people.
“Calling the police on two students for being two minutes late to class is extremely unreasonable and dangerous,” Blake said


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