Rapper T.I. Is Growing His Investment Businesses


Rapper/Businessman T.I. is continuing to grow his legacy.

He and his wife, Tiny, recently visited a development in the Bankhead area of Atlanta that they plan to open in 2022.

It’s being advertised as affordable housing, and the project is 40% finished. T.I. wants people to know that he is about action, not talk.

“Imma show mine. I’m proud of it. This is our first project…If anybody got anything to say about me..don’t look at me. Look at my moves. We can kill all the cap!”

T.I. grew up in Bankhead and knows that the area needs alot help. He says there are no grocery stores, no fresh produce, but they do have liquor stores.

He is working with Killer Mike and has purchased six more lots in the same area. T.I. is adamant that he is buying all of this with his own funds.

Additionally, he is dropping a line of CBD products soon, as well.



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