Recording Shows Suspect Placing Female Police Officer In Headlock Before He Was Shot By Her Partner


A scary moment was captured on police body camera. This was when an armed man placed a female Fontana, California, police officer in a headlock.

The officer’s partner shot the suspect, and they were able to detain him. He survived and is waiting to go on trial.

The incident occurred on February 9. The Fontana police officers had stopped the man for traffic violations.

The occurrence started off very calmly as the female officer talked to the man. And, her partner went to the patrol car to run his information.

All of a sudden, he observed his partner scream for assistance and saw the suspect wrestling her with his arm around her neck.

Body cam footage later showed the change in the man’s disposition occur. This was when the female officer discovered that the man was hiding a firearm.

“He’s got a gun,” she screamed as the tussle began.

The officer ran to assist his partner and shot the suspect one time. The recording depicts him on the ground, in agony. He was placed in handcuffs and taken to a medical facility to be treated for his wound.

Officials later named the attacker as 56-year-old Alan A. Metka.

He was apprehended for assault with a deadly weapon on a peace officer.

Officials noted that Metka has a long criminal record. This includes apprehensions for assault, carjacking, robbery, possession of explosive device, and illegal firearms possession.

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