Registered Sex Offender Gets Teen To Leave Her Residence After Meeting On Snapchat


A 26-year-old sex offender named Austin Powers was arrested after meeting a teen on Snapchat and getting her to leave her residence. This came after he pretended to be a parent of a friend and met the victim’s mother.

Authorities in Largo, Florida, say that they began to review the matter in June after getting a call about a possible runaway of a 14-year-old.

While looking into the case, investigators learned that the teen had left her residence. This was following her parents catching her discreetly talking to an adult male on Snapchat.

Detectives say that Powers, who they later identified, picked the girl up from her home on at least one occasion prior to running away.

A few days after that, police say that he picked the girl up again. However, in this instance, he pretended to be the father of one of the girl’s friend and actually met the victim’s mother.

Authorities say that Powers told the victim’s mother that he was taking her daughter to meet up with his daughter at his residence.

Powers is facing charges of traveling to meet a minor and lewd and lascivious molestation.

Reports indicate that Powers had been arrested prior to this, in 2016, for a similar occurrence.


  1. When will parents recognize you can’t be to quick to trust, I maybe have more intuition in the area due to experiences as a child but parents we see and here this on a daily. Come on now

  2. Two kind of people you can’t fix in the world!! Sex offenders and pathological liar there’s no help for these two people they will continue to do the same thing over and over and over!!!

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