Residents In Fear After Second Shooting Within A Month At An Alabama Apartment Complex


Police are investigating after two separate shooting incidents, within a month, happened at an Alabama apartment complex.

One resident, Shariah Taylor, says she was trying to put her baby in the car when she heard about 7 shots being fired. In a statement she said, “I hear pop, pop, pop, about 7 rounds,” said Taylor. “So I’m dodging, I’m ducking, I’m dodging, I’m ducking, I’m dodging, doing my Lil Kim. I’m trying to get my baby in the car, then I threw my baby in the backseat and we just sped off.”

Then on April 4 a mother was laying in bed sleeping with her children when she was struck by a bullet that came through her window. The mother was transported to an area hospital and treated for non life threatening injuries.

Lieutenant Scott Owens, Public Information Officer with Dothan Police, said the two shootings at the Westgate Village apartment complex has raised red flags for the Dothan community.

“Two separate shootings this close together gives us cause for concern,” said Lt. Owens. “We still want the community to come out and be a partner with us and help us stop these senseless acts of violence.”

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