San Antonio Doctor Uses Head Lice Medication To Treat COVID-19 Patients


A San Antonio doctor has revealed that he is using an antiparasitic medication ivermectin, which is a head lice treatment, on his COVID-19 patients.
Although Ivermectin is safe for the use of different types of parasitic infections in humans it has not been FDA approved for other use.
Dr.Hoan Pho says when Ivermectin is mixed with other drugs that it has proven to be effective on his COVID patients.
The FDA recognizes the medications effectiveness in a laboratory setting but says additional testing is needed.
Pho specializes in internal medicine and believes COVID can be killed using a parasitic medicine within 48 hours in a lab setting.
Dr. Pho said there aren’t a lot of side effects, but some of the common ones are a rash or a headache. He does advise if someone is interested in this treatment to speak with their doctor.
He says the drug runs about $20.


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