Seattle Denny’s Employee Fired For Making Black Men Pay Before Eating


Several employees have been terminated from a Seattle Denny’s after making a group of black men pay for their food in advance.
A customer just happened to be in there having date night with his wife when he noticed the way the men were being treated.
Palmer Pelham made a post on Facebook saying that he saw the four men when they walked in and it took the waiters forever to seat them and then when they did finally seat them they had to wait several minutes to have their orders taken. Pelham recalls the restaurant being fairly empty and said after the gentlemen were seated two white guys came in and were seated right away. The customer also said that the server came and took him and his wife’s order before going over to the gentlemen and taking their orders. When she finally took the orders she asked them to pay for their food in advance and when they refused and asked to speak to a manager she stormed off angrily spoke with management and returned saying that the manager said this is Denny’s policy because lately they have been having people walking out without paying for their food.
Pelham says that’s when he spoke with management and asked why he and his wife didn’t have to pay for their food in advance and accused her of being a racist.
Denny’s later fired the employees and released a statement on Facebook

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