Sensitive Video: Body cam footage shows a man fatally shot by police while holding a woman hostage with a machete


A man who was holding a woman hostage with a machete was shot and killed by police in North Miami Beach Thursday, officials said.


  1. I understand the dude was being dangerous but I don’t think killing him while he was being talked down by the other officer. Not to mention there’s enough racism going on as it is! So why the hell this White officer felt the need to be the one to step into action??The same race officer should’ve done this. Hecwas already handling it and ole boy had to step in! Idk maybe I just missing something.

    1. And if he would have decided he didnt want to talk and juat cut that woman up you would say the police did nothing. And talking about eace in this situation is ignorant. They are both police officers and are both doing their job. He didnt want to let her go 🤷🏾‍♂️ you would rather gamble with an inovcent person’s life. Smh.

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