Sensitive Video: Family concerned after their loved one was beat on from a domestic situation in Dallas


Family concerned after their loved one was beat on from a domestic situation in Dallas. In the video you can see the man hitting the female in her face and she almost went over the railing. Also in the second video he beat her with a sex toy to make her roll his blunt.


  1. Family can be concerned, but she gotta decide she dont want no mo ssa beatings and from the look of it, she ain’t going NO WHERE ..sad all the way around..thats a weak man who got a scared and weak woman…

      1. Does the family know where she’s located? Send the police over there to save her from this coward. I have been single for some years now do to domestic violence. He has remarried I am so happy for them. GOD saved me from got me out of that situation it took 16 years. Happily single

  2. These niggas are so gay and you woneb will stay and let them do it if you can video it to send to family y not get the fuck on ugh

  3. Thats sad he weak asf and i know she take care of him ole bum ass nigga beat the hand that feed u

  4. This is soooooo sickening this punk needs to be dealt with accordingly 😡😡😡😡

  5. Who is this monster he surely wasnt born from a women not and beating one like that or msybe he just hates women what ever the case is a teal man need to handle their business with him. One look at his feet tell the story!!😡😡

  6. This act alone will get him some time and it will give ger a chance to walk a different path, I pray no children are involved.

  7. Smh please send him my way!! So he can try and do me the same way! I promise i will have him crying like a baby begging for mercy!

  8. Someone needs to step up a shoot this SOB POS MFER in the face. Then piss on him.

  9. That is a damn shame!! I pray she is all right, all imma say is the boy and i mean boy would have to go to sleep at some point, and when he wakes up he will see Jesus. On Everything!!!😡

  10. Those type of men won’t hit another man! I tell you what he would meet my maker cause the coroner would be picking him up in a body bag. Yea his family would definitely be making funeral arrangements

  11. That ninja would wake up in hell total darkness! Aint no way I could let him make it ? All i can say i wish yall could ask my kids daddy who couldn’t keep his jealous ass hands to his self ! I literally f him up every time he needed stitches keep your hands to your dam self or i will poison your ass or draw blood at some point we gonna get tired and i atmit we were toxic as hell but he was my first every thing we were too silly to leave each other alone

  12. Absolutely disgusting. He has to go to sleep sometime and would wake with cast iron skillet pounding him in his head!!!

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