Sensitive Video: Off-Duty Security Guard Fatally Shot Outside Of Restaurant


Authorities in Hawthorne, California, apprehended a man who is said to have fatally shot an off-duty security guard as an altercation occurred outside a restaurant last month.

Detectives say that Eddie McAllister, 57, was shot as he was getting something to eat at Fabulous Burgers, at about 2 a.m.,  when he left work.

A recording from the occurrence depicted an unfamiliar man and McAllister having a dispute and punching each other prior to both falling to the ground. As they were fighting, the suspect is observed retrieving a firearm from his waistband that he later dropped on the floor.

The suspect eventually got a hold of the weapon, and a gunshot was heard. That is when detectives think that McAllister was shot. The suspect was then observed placing the gun back into his pants.

McAllister’s daughter reported that her father had been heading home from work in South Gate and just wanted some food.

From the footage, authorities were able to identify a suspect. He was apprehended in a city close by a little while later.



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