Sensitive Video: Suspect Arrested After Seen Assaulting A 15 Year Old McDonald’s Worker


On Wednesday, April 17, 2024, Johnny Ricks, 25, of St. Louis, was arrested and charged with Assault and Property Damage for assaulting a 15-year-old McDonald´s employee and is being held for a $150,000 cash-only bond.

According to court documents,  Ricks first became upset over using the electronic menu and threw a tray at it. Employees then told him to leave and escorted him outside.

Once outside, an argument ensued and Ricks pulled the employee to the ground by her hair. Ricks then stomped on and punched her in the head.

Investigators say the employee, Aryiah Lynch, suffered a “serious physical injury¨ and had a successful surgical procedure for a broken nose.


  1. Piece of crap dude or whatever he is! Trash! That poor little 15 yr old. I hope her parents go after him big time

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