South Carolina McDonald’s Served Customer Sweet Tea With Marijuana Inside


A South Carolina man went to McDonald’s to get a sweet tea with lemon but instead got sweet tea with a little herb on the inside.
According to reports Parrish Brown went to a McDonald’s on Hilton Head Island and asked for a sweet tea, light ice and extra lemon but soon found out that “extra lemon” may have been a secret code for marijuana.
Brown said he didn’t realize it was in the cup until he was already high because he had never smoked marijuana before and wasn’t aware of the smell or taste.
He said he did not have to pay extra for the tea it was regular price.
Beaufort County Sheriffs Office says they are not releasing the McDonald’s location in which the marijuana was served.
This investigation is ongoing.


  1. I call BS. Dude didnt get high for drinking that iced tea – THC is NOT soluble in water(ice tea is flavored water) and it has to be decarboxylized before its ingested to activate the THC.


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