Suspect Kills Parking Scammer Over $40 While Out On Date


29-year-old Erick Aguirre has been accused of fatally shooting a supposed parking scammer in relation to $40.

Aguirre has now been charged with murder, and he was apprehended as his bond was set at $200,000.

About two weeks ago, authorities in Houston, Texas, showed an image of Aguirre and a woman who were seemingly on a date at Rodeo Goat in EaDo.

Documents note that the pair had parked separately, close to 7:30 p.m., on April 11. They are said to have paid $40 in total to someone who stated that they were a parking attendant.

On the other hand, a little while later, a worker at business that was close by told Aguirre that the attendant, Elliott Nix, was a scammer.

Afterwards, Aguirre went to his vehicle to retrieve his gun. He then shot Nix in the back, leaving him to die on the street.

Aguirre then went back into the restaurant and is said to have told his date, ” just scared the guy, and everything is fine.” The pair left a little after that and remained on their date as they went somewhere else.

The woman who was on the date with Aguirre has now obtained a lawyer.

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