Teen Brutally Punches Classmate After A $20 Bet


Three males are facing consequences after they were paid to punch a teenager in Collinwood, Tennessee.

On Easter Sunday, an ex-fellow student paid a teen $20 to punch Kelsey Moore, 18. The vicious beating was videoed by another student. In the recording, others are heard laughing as the victim hit the ground. Kelsey was hurt physically, as well as, emotionally.

Moore suffered several facial fractures and a fractured vertebra in his neck.

“In a moment’s notice your life can change…unbelievable,” stated Kelsey’s mother, Christi.

She added that her son had to have four titanium plates in his head and face.

“It’s violent and evil, and there has to be consequences,” the mother said.

Brandison Dru Daniel, 20, is the person that paid to have Kelsey punched, police say. He is facing felony charges for the punch.

The juvenile was taken to a juvenile detention center.

Kelsey’s mother stated that her son has missed out on many of his senior activities because of the attack. One of these was prom, in which he was named the honorary king.

Now, his relatives are hoping that Kelsey will be able to participate in his graduation ceremony.

“He’s our miracle. He doesn’t stop here. This is not going to define him,” his mom expressed.

Additionally, Christi says that she hasn’t worked since her son was attacked. Thus, she has set up a GoFundMe campaign to assist the family financially.


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