Teen Charged As Adult After Assaulting Substitute, Slapping Female Teacher Twice


17-year-old Aquavis Hickman has been charged as an adult after slapping two different school teachers while on school campus.

The North Carolina high schooler is facing two felony charges for the occurrences that happened at Parkland High School in Winston-Salem.

Last week, he was charged with assault and kidnapping. He has also been charged as an adult in the two attacks that happened on April 15. This is where he slapped a female teacher two times.

In the first incident, Hickman is said to have pushed a male substitute teacher’s head in a hallway.

“I walked up to the desk to get my phone to call the office, and he mockingly walked behind me, and I happened to turn around and see him. The students started laughing. The next thing I know, he had taken his hand and smushed my head, and everybody started laughing, and he ran out,” the substitute stated.

Last month, the teen walked up to the female teacher and smacked her twice. The incident happened to be captured on a recording and went viral.

The case was sent to the juvenile court to Superior Court last week, and Hickman was indicted by a grand jury.

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