Texas Gym Trainer Accused Of Recording Naked Client As She Uses Recovery Equipment


A gym trainer in Austin is facing allegations that he recorded a naked client as she was using gym therapy equipment, arrest documents state.

29-year-old Steven Fritsch is facing charges of invasive visual recording.

Authorities stated that the incident occurred in early March at Central Athlete on Springdale Road close to Airport Blvd.

They added that Fritsch urged a woman, who was a client, to take off her clothes prior to going into the red light therapy room.

The victim stated to authorities that while in the room, she took off her protective eye goggles, for a brief moment. That’s when she said that she saw cameras, appearing through curtains.

After drawing back the curtains, she observed Fritsch, stationed with a cell phone.

If he is found guilty,  Fritsch could receive up to 2 years in jail and could be made to pay a $10,000 fine.

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