Texas High School Teacher Accused Of Sex Trafficking Students


Community activist in Houston are calling for someone to be held accountable. This comes after they say that Klein ISD was aware that a teacher was involved in a prostitution scheme with troubled students.

Earlier this week, 42 year old Kedria Grigsby, a cosmetology teacher at Klein Cain High School, was apprehended. She is said to have sex trafficked children and compelled prostitution with the assistance of her 21 year old son Roger Magee.

Klein ISD noted that Grigsby was in the process of being terminated and had been quickly put on administrative leave when they heard of the allegations.

Some local activists have stated that the district was aware of the situation prior to the charges being pressed against Grigsby.

“This teacher, Ms. Grigsby, was allowed to remain on this campus after it was brought to the administrators’ attention that this was taking place on February of 2023,” stated Quanell X.

“It’s unbelievable! In my years of activism, three decades, I have never seen anything like this,” he added, alongside Dr. Candice Matthews.

The pair say that they have records that reveal that Klein ISD was aware of Grigsby’s supposed misconduct.

“I demand you apologize to the parents because you all did know,” Quanell X said.

They expressed that over a year ago, a teacher who used to work at the high school made it known that her own daughter had been a victim. Her daughter had been a student at Klein Cain High School, as well.

That ex-teacher had also filed a report with the police and a written statement with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and provided it to the district. However, they stated district officials never did anything with the information.

Grigsby and her son, Roger Magee, are said to have established a prostitution ring. They lured trouble teenagers from local high schools for trafficking purposes. Magee was apprehended in November 2022 for similar offenses.

“They left a wolf in a chicken coop,” Quanell X expressed.

Klein ISD has denied the allegations. They say that when they found out about the police report in February 2023, they reached out to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. However, they were told that Grigsby was not being investigated.

As of now, Grigsby has not appeared in court. She is still in jail on a $750,000 bond.

Prosecutors say that they have found three victims, thus far. However, there could possibly be others. One of the victims is a student in Klein ISD. They added that they linked Grigsby after investigating her son. They also discovered digital evidence to connect her to the case.

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