Texas Man Kills Thief After Using Apple AirTag To Find Stolen Vehicle


A man in San Antonio, Texas, was killed after he is said to have stolen a truck.

The killing occured on Wednesday at a shopping center when the owner of the vehicle used an Apple AirTag to find his stolen car.

Around 1 p.m., authorities received a call from a residence about the stolen vehicle. Instead of alerting authorities, the owner decided to take care of the situation himself by using the AirTag. He found the truck 20 miles from where it was first taken and fatally shot the supposed thief that didn’t know the vehicle was being tracked.

Authorities are now trying to see if the suspect had any weapons and have warned others to allow authorities to handle these type of circumstances.

An investigation is continuing, and it isn’t known if the shooter will face any charges.


  1. He did the right thing because these cops aren’t going to do a damn thing about anything unless you have video surveillance

  2. Thats why people need to get a job and quit stealing other people’s stuff. Everyone dont play about things they worked hard for. Karma always catches up.

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