Texas Teens Hold 11-Year-Old Boy At Gunpoint, Forced Him To Fight Other Teenagers After School

Courtesy: LED Partners

A mother in Houston, Texas, has stated that her 11-year-old son was threatened at gunpoint and made to fight other teenagers. Now, she is speaking out and wants justice for her child.

Lucille Longoria says that the incident occurred last week at an apartment complex near Shadowbriar Drive and Richmond Ave.

Longoria’s son had been walking home from Budewig Intermediate School, in Alief ISD, when a group of teens walked up to him.

“You see his gun. He was attacked, literally attacked, violently attacked,” Longoria stated.

She added that the teenagers, whom her son didn’t know, drew a gun, making her son fight, and now he is traumatized.

A concerning video circulating social media depicts the fight.

Longoria says that one male hit her son so hard that his nose busted. He was also stomped on, as well.

Alief ISD has noted that they are aware of the incident although it didn’t occur on any of their campuses. However, they stated that they will work with law enforcement to help identify those involved.

Longoria says that because of the occurrence, she is working to move her son to another school district. In the meantime, she wants the people involved to be held accountable.


  1. These kids need discipline and an understanding of consequences. Poor kid, i hope he heals and can deal with that trauma

  2. If it was my… I would have a law sue on boys and their parents tjat they be held accountable. They all need to be in jail.

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