Video Shows Texas Woman Recklessly Firing Gun Into The Air From Moving Vehicle


On Friday, a woman was taken into custody after a video recording depicted her firing a gun many times into the air. Authorities in Bexar County, Texas, say that she hit a stop sign and maybe a home, as well.

This week, a family had contacted the sheriff’s office and stated that a bullet had gone into a child’s room without harming the child.

As an investigation began, a video that showed 22-year-old Genesis Rodriguez firing a weapon outside of the window of a moving vehicle was found.

Rodriguez was apprehended and faces charges of a Class A misdemeanor, a violation of a protective order, and deadly conduct with a firearm, a 3rd degree felony.

Additionally, a Chrysler 300 was taken into the possession of the BCSO as evidence of a shooting was discovered inside of it. A search warrant had also been executed at a home on the east side.

Sheriff Javier Salazar stated that there possibly could be other suspects who had been drinking throughout the evening. They chose to drive through the community and began shooting.

He added that other suspects could be apprehended.



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