Texas Woman Murders Boyfriend While He Sleeps Then Dismembers Body


A Texas woman fatally shot and killed her boyfriend while he was sleeping and then dismembered his body before disposing of it.

Cierra Sutton,30, was arrested Thursday in Louisiana and charged for the murder of her boyfriend Steve Coleman,32. Apparently the couple had gotten into an argument on the 16th and while Coleman was sleeping she shot him in his head and then chopped up his body with a machete before disposing of it in different dumpsters. The woman filed a police report in Baytown Texas near Houston on August 18 saying that she hadn’t seen or heard from Coleman in a couple of days and the last time he had left their home was around 10:30pm.
Police spoke with friends and family of Coleman and found out that the two had been having problems and that he wanted out of the relationship but she didn’t. They also were told by one of his friends that if anything ever happened to him to look into the girlfriend because she did it.

Sutton fled to Louisiana right outside of New Orleans and admitted to multiple people and friends about murdering her boyfriend and chopping up his body while her 10 year old daughter was in the living room.
A Baytown landfill notified police stating they found a human torso that resembles the missing person however if has not been confirmed that it is Coleman’s body parts.


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