Three Kansas City Chiefs Fans ‘Freeze To Death’ In Friend’s Backyard After Watching Playoff Game


There hasn’t been anymore answers as to why three close friends in Missouri were all discovered dead outside of a residence in Kansas City.

However, a representative from the Kansas City Police Department is saying that officers talked to a resident of the home. This was after they came home on the night of Jan. 9.

It has been reported that authorities were called to the location after Clayton McGeeney’s fiancée broke into the residence. This is where the men had been watching the Kansas City Chiefs football game on Jan. 7.

Two friends of the men reported that a man inside the home had been friends with the victims since high school. He hadn’t answered phone calls for several days. That’s when two people went to the residence and knocked on the door, searching for the men.

The cars of all of the men were parked outside of the home. However, no one ever answered the door. That is why McGeeney’s fiancée decided to break into the residence on Tuesday night.

After discovering a body on the back porch, McGeeney’s fiancée contacted authorities.

It was reported that the fiancée didn’t know anyone was inside of the residence. That was until the man that was there came out when police arrived.

After an extensive search was conducted, two more bodies were found in the backyard.

The deceased have been identified as 38-year-old Ricky Johnson, 37-year-old David Harrington, and 36-year-old McGeeney.

Officials say that were no visible signs of foul play at or close to the scene, and the case is not being investigated as a homicide. They also validated that the person living in the home was alive and talked with police the day that the bodies were found.

Detectives are still waiting on autopsy reports to find out the cause of death.

Friends and family of the deceased are now questioning why the resident didn’t pick up when they called for two days or call police.

“I’m not looking for anyone’s head…, but my cousin was frozen to the dirt for two days. It’s gotten a lot of attention from everyone having questions. However, it hasn’t gotten a lot of attention from anyone having any action. It just seems strange,” said McGeeney’s cousin.


  1. Uh huh! He didn’t know anyone was there.. lies! Definitely foul play somewhere! Can’t wait to read about the autopsy report! Because, it definitely wasn’t hypothermia!

    1. Maybe they got drunk while watching the game. And fell asleep outside, thats when their body temperature dropped and they died from hypothermia. But why didnt the owner check, his backyard?????? Yeah! It was foul play!

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