Three Postal Workers Arrested In $1.3 Million Fraud Scheme


Three US postal workers were arrested in a $1.3 million fraud scheme that lasted over 4 years.

Nathanael Foucault, Johnathan Persaud, and Fabiola Mompoint were arrested last Thursday after an investigation by the USPIS (the Postal Inspection Service), the NYPD, and USPS-OIG (the Office of the Inspector General) uncovered a fraud and identity theft scheme.

A total of 9 people have been named and were indicted on charges for stealing credit cards from the mail and buying high-end merchandise in New York and New Jersey. The individuals are accused of then selling the items on different websites and profiting off of the goods.

In addition to the three US postal workers, one civilian, Devon Richards, has also been arrested. The five remaining suspects are facing charges of Conspiracy to Commit Device Fraud, Access Device Fraud, and Aggravated Identity Theft.


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