TikTok, Instagram, YouTube & Others Sued Over “Youth Mental Health Crisis”

Courtesy: Michael Appleton

After a developing health problem, New York City is now taking action against social media.

On Wednesday, February 14, the state filed a lawsuit in California Superior Court on behalf of the school district and Health and Hospital Corporation. It is against TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube. They have alleged that these platforms have added to a “nationwide youth mental health crisis.”

The suit states that the platforms purposely created their platforms to be harmful and addictive to younger people.

The city has cited that the platforms have played a role in the mental health issues that some students face.

The city also says that the social media businesses use an algorithm to keep users coming back and manipulate them with the components of automatic notifications and push notifications.

One lawyer has alleged that the platforms benefit from the mental mindsets of young individuals.

The Mayor’s office noted, on Wednesday, that they spend about $100 million per year on youth mental health programs and services.

“We are filing litigation today demanding that companies be held accountable for their platform’s damages and influence on the mental health of our young people, and while seeking to recover the cost of addressing this ongoing public health threat, as well,” said Mayor Eric Adams.

The lawsuit is in an early phase, and the court will decide its validity and possible consequences for the companies.

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