Toilet Paper In The Fridge Hack Goes Viral

PhotoCredit: ShutterStock

A TikTok video depicting the use of toilet paper to keep odors out of the refrigerator has gone viral.

The hack may not be very appealing to look at, but the bath tissue takes in the moisture that is in the air that usually leads to mold, mildew, or other foul smells.

It has been noted that baking soda is more regularly used to prevent odors, though.

Experts say that it is also the cheaper choice to get rid of extra moisture and acids that contribute to odors.

On the other hand, toilet paper can do the same thing if needed.

It is suggested that a fresh roll be put in the back of the fridge, not close to items that may leak. The roll then needs to be thrown away after three weeks. It is strongly urged that the roll not be reused in the bathroom afterwards.

There are other methods to neutralizing odors in the fridge, such as activated charcoal, vanilla, coffee grounds, lemon, and oats.

It is also highly encouraged that people clean underneath and behind the fridge to prevent food particles from spoiling.

At the same time, another TikTok user stated that toilet paper could work as an ice pack, claiming that it stays chill for 8 hours.


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