Twenty Out Of Fifty NYC Educational Teacher Died From Coronavirus


“This is painful news for too many of our communities-each number represents a life, a member of one our schools or offices, and the pain their loved ones are experiencing is unimaginable.
We will be there to support our students and staff in any way they need, including remote crisis and grief counseling each day.
We mourn these losses and will not forget the impact each person had on DOE family,” Chancellor Richard A. Carranza said.
Tragedy struck as of April 10,2020, For New York City when fifty Department of Education employees who have passed on, were reported by family and friends.
“School buildings are not a place of greater exposure than other parts of our city.
At this time, everyone should assume they have been exposed, because it can happen anywhere- this is why we are asking people to please stay home as much as possible.” Stated by the DOE.
Although the NYC Health Department can not confirm each individual case or confirm the location that might have caused the exposure, The United Federation of teachers would like to tell the stories of the employees they lost:
22 Where Paraprofessionals
21 Where Teachers
2 Where Administrators
2 Where Central Office Employees
1 Was a Facilities Staffer
1 Was a Guidance counselor
1 Was a Food Service Staffer
Stories like these had ever lasting impacts on the children around them.
For instance David Behrbom, he taught physical education at PS 55 for the past 15 years in the Bronx.
He wanted to express his love of hip hop with his students, while helping anyone in need.
One of the ways he helped his students was his Olympic Games he held every year, so that the students would come together.
Claudia Shirley, formerly known as Mama Shirl. She taught Spanish at PS 45 in Brooklyn and then PS 377, she was widely respected for her patience and her warmth as well as her deep- rooted faith and value of education.
Carol King-Grant, for six years taught special education for 6th-Graders at Mott Hall Science and Technology Academy. Comments mention that she dedicated her career to make a better future for the children.
One colleague mentioned that Sandra Vizcaino lived for her students.
Many students shared theirs stories with her and many colleagues respected the long hours she would put towards the children.
She was a Dual Language teacher at PS 9 in Prospect Heights for 25 years.


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