Two Brothers Found Dead in Arizona Desert After Being Left Behind By “Coyotes”


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Two migrant brothers traveling on foot through the Arizona desert suffered dehydration and died after being left behind by “coyotes”. Their bodies were found decomposing in a “hugging position”.

Edgar Mendoza, 37, and Carlos Mendoza, 23, left their home in Oaxaca to travel through Mexico and into The United States. The brothers were traveling with a group of people who were entering the country illegally with the help of “coyotes”.

Their destination was Denver, Colorado where they were planning to start construction jobs and be able to support their families back home. However, in the middle of the Arizona desert Edgar became dehydrated and was left behind by the coyote. His brother, Carlos, decided to stay behind with him.

Having no resources and being forced to battle record-breaking high temperatures, Edgar and Carlos suffered dehydration and heat-exhaustion.

It’s unclear who passed away first, however, authorities discovered the brother’s bodies leaning against a bush, hugging each other.

Edgar leaves behind 4 children in Oaxaca. Carlos leaves behind 2 children and one on the way.

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