Two Elementary Students Arrested on Gun Charges


Two 10-year-olds were arrested on firearm charges after their elementary school administrators contact police with suspicions of a gun sale.

Hendry County Deputies responded to a tip about a firearm exchange between two students at Country Oaks Elementary School last week. At the school, they discovered ammunition in a backpack that belonged to a 10-year-old student, Carlos Santos Madrid. Following an investigation, information began to unfold about another 10-year-old student,
Jaiden Diego Escobedo, who sold a handgun to Madrid in February.

Madrid agreed to trade $300 for the gun, which belonged to Escobedo’s father who had passed away.

The firearm, along with 74 grams of marijuana, was found underneath a shed in Madrid’s backyard.

Both students were charged with Selling a Firearm to a Minor, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Minor, and Possession of a Firearm on School Property.

Escobedo faces additional charges of Grand Theft of a Firearm while Madrid faces additional drug charges.

Escobedo’s mother, who is a Deputy with the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office, was placed on Administrative Leave pending an Administrative Inquiry.

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