Two Men Held Without Bail After Hiding Firearms On Chip Rack Inside Convenience Store


Two men are being held without bail after prosecutors claim that they hid firearms. One weapon was made to let off automatic gunfire, and they all were hidden in a chip aisle of a convenience store as police came towards them.

Authorities who were on patrol in Chicago Tuesday, say that they observed 20-year-old James McCorker exit a vehicle and walk into a gas station. 21-year-old Remy Walker was with him. Officials say that the vehicle they were in was part of a Chicago police vehicular hijacking matter.

The car left the scene when police went into the gas station. When officers looked through the chip rack, they discovered a loaded .40-caliber handgun with an extended magazine. They also found a 9-millimeter handgun that had been stolen with an extended magazine, an auto-fire switch, and a laser sight. A third gun, which was loaded, had been stolen.

Officers watched the surveillance recordings and found that Walker placed the .40-caliber gun on the rack and McCorker hid the gun with the auto-fire switch.


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