Two Preschool Teachers Arrested After Being Caught Abusing Children On A Live Video Stream


While looking at live video footage of a classroom, a parent witnessed children being abused. Now, two preschool teachers, in Roswell, Georgia, have been apprehended and face charges of cruelty to children.

The incident happened, last week, at the Parker-Chase Preschool, in a 3-year-old classroom.

The occurrence was first brought to light after a parent observed one teacher standing on a child’s hand. The parent also said that the teacher put her knee in a little girl’s back, violently. The other teacher was seen pushing a liitle girl’s forehead backward. The parent had logged into a camera system, that had revealed the abuse, to check on her own child.

After police were contacted, investigators watched the video. Then, Zeina Alostwani, 40, and Soriana Briceno, 19, were apprehended for cruelty to children in the first-degree.

“It was a matter of seconds and knew what we had seen was deliberate and my stomach was just in my throat, at that point,” one of the victim’s mother stated.

Since this has happened, many other victims have come forward.

On Tuesday, Alostwani was given a $75,000 bond. Because of asylum and immigration status, Briceno wasn’t granted a bond.

Authorities are now planning on combing through weeks of video footage from the preschool.


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